Canine First Aid
Routinely performing basic checks on your dog is a great way to get to know what is normal for your dog. It also helps the dog feel less threatened when it is being examined if it feels unwell or if it is injured. Here is a list of what is normal and what is abnormal for you dog.
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The Bitch in Season
A very useful sheet on the bitch in season. It covers the signs and symptons and gives general advice.
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Chesvale Newsletter No 2
Chesvale Dog Training Club's March 2013 Newsletter featuring the Chairman's Report, Diary Dates, the dangers of chocolate for your dog and a special article by Clare Williams on how a rescue dog can change your life!
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Chesvale Newsletter No 8 October 2014
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Chesvale Newsletter 12 dated October 2016
In this issue, read about Dogs and fireworks and how to keep your dog safe during the festive season.
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