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The inaugural meeting took place on 17th December 1953, at the The Griffin, Bellingdon Road.  These few enthusiasts attended the first meeting at the scout hut and in June 1957 classes took place in the yard of the Wagon & Horses in Chesham but by March 1958 the club was installed in Darsham Hall.

In January 1972 the Club moved to Ley Hill Memorial Hall and we are still there today, albeit in a completely new re-built facility. The Club was started and exists for two main reasons. To help people train and socialise their dogs to a standard where they are well behaved and obedient to their owner’s commands.  An obedient dog is a delight to its owner and shows the general public that dogs need not be the nuisance they are often claimed to be.  Secondly, as a meeting place where those who are interested in training dogs to the higher standard required for obedience competition can practice and receive guidance and advice.

Chesvale Dog Training Club is Kennel Club Registered and as such is bound by their Rules and Regulations relating to running a dog training organisation.  All the Officers, Committee Members and Instructors are volunteers, give their time freely and are totally committed to continuing the fantastic work that has been put into making the Club so successful over the years.  Dogs do not need to be registered with the Kennel Club.

The Club is committed to supporting a number of charities relating to dog welfare.  Each year the Club donates a substantial portion of its annual income to local and national organisations which the membership feel would benefit from the Club’s support.

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